Monday, April 6, 2015

Movie Monday: Guten Tag Ramon

Yeah Yeah... you know what day it is?
 Today is Monday (you might be thinking: "tell me something new Giulietta") well is #MovieMonday... Woop woop!

Actually, is kind of what I tried to do with this... I tried to give a little bit more "love" to Mondays... because everybody (EVERY-BO-DY) hate them... so, I mixed my favourite thing to do, watching films, with my least favourite day of the week.

Well, (¬¬) after this creative explanation, let´s start with this "review/ critic", shall we?

Last week I watched "Guten Tag Ramón", I don´t know if you have heard of it already, but if you haven´t yet is time to start looking for it.

This is a Mexican/ German film, about a Mexican guy that, tired of a bad economy and the lack of job try to go to the U.S., as an immigrant, so many times without achieving it. And before giving up a friend of his encourage him to ask for his passport and travel to Germany, where he has an aunt.

This film has the perspective of those who search a way to help their family, no matter what and no matter how, even defying the idiom/ language limitations, the lack of money and any kind of insurance on a far country, without any knowledge of the law, traditions nor education, but just hope in their hearts to find what they are looking for.

I really enjoyed the movie, and is not that dramatic to poin out, so if you have time you should give it a try, and I am sure you won´t regret it.

Key words: A love story doesn´t have to have a couple as the center of the content.

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