Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Watch it Wednesday: Good Mythical Morning

 Hello gals and pals! What have you been up to? (I mean... whatever... I´m keeping it simple!)

In today's section of Watch it Wednesday, I invite you... no, no, no... I encourage you to search on YouTube for Good Mythical Morning, because if you haven´t done it yet... man, you don´t know what you are missing!

Good Mythical Morning is not just the best way to start your day, is the funniest and entertaining channel for everybody.

No matter how old are you or how smart, or tall or funny, or outgoing... (stuff, stuff) You have no reason not to watch them, seriously Rhett and Link (whom are friends since they were kids ´till now) have the most complete thing in YouTube... right now.

Maybe you are asking yourself: "but, why is it so important not to miss it?" (or maybe not, and is just me)... if that´s so I´m gonna tell you right now! (on the next paragraph).

Good Mythical Morning combine the most amazing humour (simplistic and ironic... kind of) with researches of the most random things and topics, adding odd experiments that no one should try... like ever. I will define it as the perfect way to achieve information.. like... daily.

They have 3 Youtube channels, their main channel that is Good Mythical Morning, the show after the show called Good Mythical More, and the Rhett & Link channel where they upload music videos about... anything.

So, now you have it! That´s my recommendation for this week on this Watch it Wednesday, hope you like it and if you have any comments please leave it down... at the comment section below (of course!)

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