Sunday, April 12, 2015

Mexican Sunday: Tacos!

Helloooo smiley faces!

Today is Sunday... wooop wooop, and that just mean three important things that are clear today:
1) You are resting, chilling and relaxing (probably)
2) Tomorrow is Monday... so that is not cool at all, unless you are a freak who loves Mondays because... I mean... that never happens
3) Today is Mexican Sunday!!!! what brings a bit more fun to the day.

Mexican Sunday will be the space where I´m gonna talk a bit about my culture (As you know I´m mexican, if you don´t know go an read the segment "About Me" but after finish reading this). And that includes weird phrases or words that mexicans often use, traditional candies and food, and also places that I know that you should know because are magnificent (yeah, that´s today´s new word).

So... let´s talk about "Tacos"!
Of course the y have to be the first thing to talk about, and just to clarify, TACOS are not what you think they are. (crazy... isn´t it?)

I don´t know who the hell told you that a folded down tostada was actually a taco, but it´s not... the taco is the amazing and simplistic art of grabbing a tortilla (simple and normal tortilla) and fill it with any food or meat that you want. You can have: chicken, steak, fish or any meat tacos, lettuce with lemon tacos, avocado tacos (as simplistic as it seems, these are the best!), salty tacos, rice tacos, bean tacos, meatballs tacos, mashed potato tacos... and others.

And for those brave enough to try weird things that mexican love (not me, but the mayority does) also exists: tacos de cabeza (the meat of a pig or cow´s head), tacos de lengua (the tongue of the animal) tacos de tripas (the intestins of the animal), tacos de barbacoa (most of the times is the meat of a sheep or goat).

All of those tacos could be fried (tacos dorados) that also have cheese, sour cream and lettuce (&&& salsa of course), or just normal with lemon, salsa, onion and coriander.

Also, and before finishing this, I want to say that quesadillas are not tacos...

I hope you like it and don´t forget to leave your comments and suggests about anything that you need to know about mexican culture or whatever.

Luv ya! xoxo

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