Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Watch it Wednesday: Grace Helbig

 Hey yo! How are you beautiful creatures of the forests? (whatever...)

So... Today is the day for another Watch it Wednesday!!! wooop wooop (celebrating)

And Grace Helbig is that great choice for this... she is amazing in every way you can think of... and I don´t think that you hadn´t met her yet because is a big deal right now... is like Chelsea Handler, but prettier, younger and more original, if you ask me.

If you know who she is and have watched her videos on Youtube already you know what am I saying. She starts with her channel on Youtube and then she wrote a book, was performing on Camp Takota and Hey USA with Mamrie Hart, has her podcast. I mean she has already done everything, and she deserves it, because she is doing it great, she is so funny and constant by achieving all of her goals.

And now she is taking the T.V. because is the new E! star... she took kind of what she is doing on Youtube to her own show where she is interviewing and chatting, drinking, joking around and stuff, with other comedians, actors and youtubers. That´s awsome, although I think the first episode wasn´t that fun like how I was expecting but I supposed like... the nervous and things... because it was so flat to me... I don´t know (quoting her)... at the end... she eis amazing, you should watch all of her stuff and subscribe to her... and maybe on Friday just give her a shot on E!

 Don´t forget to comment on the section below, and... yeah... luv ya! XOX

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