Monday, April 13, 2015

"What a Week" Weekend: What happens in Vegas...

What up... what up... what up!

How are you, you beautiful creatures?!

So today I will present you my first "What a Week" Weekend... and this section is for me to tell you, inform you, show you, what happened on my week... buuut, just because on my week I didn´t have anything important to write about until my weekend I decided that, for today, I will totally change it for a "What a Weekend" Week... if that is even a thing... IDK.

So... this weekend was A-ma-zinggggg!
Is not for me to brag about it, at all... but I went to Las Vegas for my very first time... and probably you are like: "Gurl... I do that every weekend!", or "Gurl... I live in Vegas!" but for me it was a big deal, I was very excited about it and everything turn out pretty well.

I went just for 3 days and , of course, it wasn´t enough, but I managed to watch almost "everything" that Vegas could offer to my expectations that were actually fill. 

On the first day, I went to David Copperfield´s show... and let me tell you, it was amazing! I ´ve never seen something like that, ever. He literally (not literally) blows your mind!

The second day I went along the Las Vegas Strip, not all of it because is too huge, but I think I went for a half... since the Planet Hollywood Hotel to the MGM. It was so insane! Every hotel has its own attraction, casino and mall... so I had to walk inside each one to have the experience, you know.

The Venetian
The third day I went for the other half from the Bellagio hotel to the Fashion Show Mall, I was exhausted but I wanted more! (like an addict). Although, I didn´t went more for shopping, I was like: "I don´t have enough time to fool around and try the clothes on, in every store of Vegas"... so... I was more into taking pics and looking around. Also, I went to the Las Vegas North Premium Outlet, and it was ok... I mean, it was under construction or make over a big part of it so... bad idea for me to go there.

Anyway, on the last day I didn´t have much time, because I had to be at the airport at 4 (sort of), so I just went to the Luxor, Mandalay and New York New York hotel... and I really love them all... obviously New York and Paris were my favourites because I´m kind of obsessed with those cities (including London and lately L.A.).
New York New York

So... yeah, that was my weekend, I couldn´t go to the old Vegas, sadly, but I will have it on mind for the next time... that will be... hopefully soon.

Thank you for reading, leave your comments if you want... and hope you enjoy it.

Build your dreams and live them! xoxo.


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