Monday, February 9, 2015

Valentine´s Day "haters gonna hate"

Oh February!, the month of love. Everybody is with his soul and heart and poor of those who doesn´t have anyone to share a fancy dinner this saturday. Not seriously, no.

As you know this is the most romantic month of the year, o maybe you are one of those who blame on the publicity and the obsession for merchandise everything just after Xmas, that makes us buy everything for our "honey bunnies". But... I mean our  pockets are not even recovering yet!

So, whether you are in a relationship loving the hell out of this romantic month, or your are single and ready to mingle. I prepare for you a "Giulietta hates love... kind of" list of films.

5.- He's Just Not That Into You
This Ken Kwapis´ film that kind of goes along with Valentine´s Day, New Year´s Eve, and even Love Actually type of story that show a bunch of amazing actors in a whole bunch of stories that, at some point, converge in to a main important one. It sure be also a lovestory, but just because the fail in a few couples, the friendzone and the adultery topic, is kind of a down with love example.

4.- Alfie
One of the most important movies on Jude Law´s career, I think, because was the one that colocated him in to a dandy/ sexy guy that can have all the girls that he wants and is a love free story. Sex without feelings until... well You´ve got to watch it.

3.- 500 days of Summer 
Just like what the beginning of the film says, "this is not a lovestory", and is not. Ithink Mark Webb has done an amazing job with the movie, is like a scream of hope for those that hav had their heart broken and cann´t find the reason of it. Zooey Deschanel as incredible as always has a believable chemistry with Joseph Gorden Levitt.

2.- Anna Karenina
A Joe Wright´s movie will always be dramatic and sensitive. And if you have read the book you may know what I´m talking about when I say that it´s the perfect description of it. If haven´t read it, well, what are you waiting for? (just kidding) Without telling you too much I just wanna add how much you fall in love with this desired/ passionate/ lovable story. Keira Knightly have never let us down.

1.- Blue Valentine
This film is directed by Derek Cianfrance and protagonized by Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams. And you may, or may not think what I thought when I was about to watch it, but I thought that, with Ryan Gosling as the father of romanticism on The Notebook, that it was going to be a really lovable story. It has its moments of love but is actually the opposite of what I was expecting. Even with that I think is a dead incredible story and very much realistic.

Sunday, February 8, 2015


Michael Cera

I was watching Nick and Norah´s last night and I was thinking how addicted I was to his movies. And everything started with Scott Pilgrim vs. the world, I don´t know why but I loved that movie, actually I know... it was more than the ridiculous but hilarious and original story, and his performance... is just that he is always playing this unattractive, awkward, ironic, funny guy that could charm anybody and he really does it.
I think this Canadian guy is representing this weird generation when we don´t have to have this perfect stereotype to be the main character of the story. Is, basically, more touchable and believable, a bunch of stories that can influence our reality.

In fact, I hadn´t had seen Nick and Norah´s until yesterday and I found it awesome, even the soundtrack is great. Is the acid humour that characterise his style in every movie that he has done.
So I think that´s the reason why he is the addiction of this Sunday.