Thursday, November 27, 2014

Tough woman

Detective Olivia Benson.

 In my own view, the closest synonym of tough is Olivia Benson.

How can she be a role model for teenagers? well, it´s kind of easy if you think about it. She is intelligent, hard, gorgeous, independent and she can kick asses.

Through the years, society has separated roles based on gender. It basically mean that bouys should work harder because they are though and manly, and girls should do everything related to the house, kids, cooking.

Even with colors, people keep saying that blue is for boys and pink is for girls, and that is so stupid. Colors don´t have gender, and it shouldn´t mean anything if a girl play with cars or something.

In some cultures women are not "allow" of talking, or choose about something. They start living under the sight of her fathers and after under her husbands´.

India is one of the countries that are still thinking that in some cases of rape the women are the ones to blame, even if they may don´t have any reason to say that, in every cases is women´s fault.

A recent case is Hungary where the police just have realese a video in which they are trying to warn about rape and violence against women and teenagers, but I think they just did it so wrong. I will leave the link of the video from CNN and you may just comment about it.

In conclusion, Olivia Benson is an example of someone that don´t take crap from no one, and she defend herself and others keeping her moral safe. I think that´s admirable... for a character, that we must keep watching, and follow.

I hope you like it, and if you did tell everybody to read me, and if you didn´t just leave your thoughts.

Thursday, September 18, 2014


I´ve been doing my research today... well actually I was just reading an article from ELLE Magazine and then my curiosity starts flying.

The article ( was about what happened to Skylar Neese and how the social media is involve in this case.

I´m not going to deepen on the story, because I think that if you are really interested on you should read the article on ELLE, and also because I think is kind of mean being judgemental, and I don´t want feel like that.

So, mainly, there were 3 best friends, and they knew each other for a very long time, but two of them start hanging out more together and moving the other girl apart. One day the victim went out and never came back and almost a year later her parents were noticed that she was murdered, and that her 2 best friends did it.

When I finished the reading, it was inevitable for me not think about those friendships, and status and social media, how we survive through higschool, because is an actual battle that we need to a front everyday.

A lot of people start smoking just to feel that they fit in, others make fun of people, or drink or get drugs and, that is not the way to prove yourself and even worst, that is not the right way to be part of a group.

I think that, we should start believing in ourselves and stop being what people expect. We are not here to fulfill expectations for anyone, and they should accept us and we should accept them.

Of course there will be diferences, but at least there should be respect and tolerante, and If you want to smoke, is better if it is because you want it and not because you want to be a part of a group, because they are not truly your friends if they don´t accept you just the way you are. 

(BTW I´m not saying that smoking is a good or a bad thing)

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

What is love?...

What is love?... I do know that is more than just a song from the 80's (baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more...)

But really, what is it? I know is a subjective term, difficult and may be almost impossible to describe... But we can feel it and we can describe what happens when we are in love, for sure.

In my personal knowledge and believe, I think love is share: your time, your space, your friends, your family, your ideas, basically is when you share a part of you.

But is not just giving and wait for the other person to give you the same, is beyond that, is when you trust that the other person will do that even when you are not asking for.

Love is being understanding, tolerant, grateful, and gain others confidence. 

And I'm not even talking about love when we are on a relationship, I'm talking about love in all senses: with our parents, brothers or sisters, friends. 

Love should be and actually have to be on the air, around us. But first of all it should be in ourselves, if I, as a person, don't love me, trust in me and accept me  its going to be hard to expect that others could do that for us.

Love yourselves!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Teen stories... that drove crazy almost everybody

Recently, (since the 80´s...  not that recent now... I think) young people start having voice and roles on everyday stories, chick flicks, tv series, novels... actors that play the part of teenagers with real issues that help the audience to compare or identify themselves with those stories...

So, this are the most iconics tv series (for me) that have influenced in young society...

Beverly Hills  90210

Beverly Hills 90210
90210... second version... the continuation?
This was one of the most iconic tv series... for teenagers from the 90´s where Jason Priestly, Shannen Doherty, Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling represent the "issues" and "problems" of being handsome or pretty and rich. It was a really big deal that producers even tried to give it a shot to the new generations on 2008, but I think it didn´t got that much attention. I´m not a big fan of it (to much drama) but it´s entertainingand help you to imagine the life you want, talking about houses, money, cars, parties and guys...

Saved by the bell
Saved by the (lot of years) bell
A new whole and different story... just kidding... I mean bunch of friends hanging out at school and outside... two boys in love with the same girl, charm vs. body. Although, not a lot of drama but fun instead. This story really got in to americans´ heart, that much that seems they are going to make another tv movie... there´s a trailer and everything.

Dawson´s Creek
Again, friends hanging out, two guys loving the same girl, friendships ending, friends reunited... sex, gay roles... surviving thru highscool, surviving thru college, surviving thru jobs and love problems. But seriously girls and boys (gals and pals) we love that stuff, because is near of our experiences could be... and they are not talking about rich guys, those are more approachable characters making the same mistakes that we´ve been making since, forever.

Dawson´s Creek

The O.C.
Once again: rich people... millionaires... falling in love... friends... eating disorder... doubtable sexual orientation, a rebel, a cougar... I am feelling like playing Loteria here (Loteria is a mexican game similar to Bingo but instead of numbers are images of well known sociaty aspects or things... like: the drunk, the Sun, the star, the guitar...)

The O.C.
But The O.C. just lasts 4 years on air, seems like when you killed one of the main characters of your program it just start losing sense to the young audience.

Gossip Girl
Now we are talking about something interesting (Preference? where?). The thing is, even when this is one of my favourite show of all times, I must say that the story of it is (again) the same; rich young people, with problems beyond our imagination, eating disorder, fashion, love problems, money, friends, parties, virginity, everybody have sex with everybody (and by that I mean... EVERYBODY). never the less it still is the most amazing story ever where the second characters still the main story from the principal characters.

Gossip (awsome) girl

This british piece of art. Really defines the actual society and problems beyond money and  and superficial stuff bringing to the audience: drug problems, alcohol problems, gay/ lesbian problems and relationships, stalking, mental problems, disfunctional parenting, autismo, inmigration, and also a real friendship like those when you can lean on.  Even though, the second generation is the most attractive for everybody.

Skins (just the second generation)
So this is not a huge criticism neither argumented so you don`t have to take it really serious, is just my way of thinking, hope you like it and whether you like it or not hope hear from you guys.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Famous "lilac-lavenderish" hair

What is up!!!

It´s been a while...

So as you know, by my last post, I recently (like a week ago) changed my hair colour. It was like lavender/ silver that turn in to a blue- greenish style so I decided to have the back of my hair in turquoise ande the rest of the hair in lilac/ lavender.

And obviously I had knowledge or I ve already seen the hair of Kelly Osbourne, but as I was looking for the color and hairstyles I found a lot of famous that love the same colour, or loved it.

So here they are (by They I mean the few pics about those famous inspirations).

Lauren Conrad

Kelly Osbourne


Ireland Baldwin

Nichole Richie

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Quick Post

This is an extremely quick post... just to show you, as I promised, my new hair colour... is kind of lilac with a bit of turquoise in the back... I really loved it... hope you like it!

Also, if you have questions or some things to say I´d loved to read it!!!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Why the hell I´m mad for... How I Met Your Mother

Hey! It's seems like I haven't been here for ages... Is just that I've been working all this days and it was so rough.

 So, How I met your mother... I think, really and deeply, it is the best comedy ever, I mean before even watching it I was so in love with Friends, but then I watch the first season and it was, I mean... I can't even.
I think it is because of the writers and also the amazing actors, I mean... Cobie Smulders, Alyson Hannigan, Jason Segel, Josh Radnor and Doogie Howser!!! yeah... Neil Patrick Harris... just a character... a perfect ass that turn in to the most romantic and then protector father ever.

Even though I hate the last episode (what kind of ending was that?) the whole series was so amazing and funny and motivational. It was so complete, a real comedy about real things and has drama and lections for life...

9 years of wit and cleaverness created by Craig Thomas and Carter Bays that turn in to something legen, wait for it, dary!!!!

Hair and colours

Probably you don´t know, but you obviously guess it... as I have lilac hair now, I´ve been making a lot of changes to it in the past 2 years or less...

Before everything happened to my hair

At first it was ombre Zoella´s style (because as soon as I look at her I change it) I had never done somehting to my hair before until that  and I loved it. How did I do it... well I had my mother´s help to bleache it (my biggest supporter in those ideas), and then gave it a blondie type.

So it kind of look like this...
 But months later I decided to have a bit more colour in my life... obviouly it had to be PINK, but at first it was like this... FAIL! but a nice one...

 So a few showers, and days later...and actually after a thing that turn colours in to pastels my hair was like this.

Better actually
 A pretty, long, beautiful and healthy hair that one day I decided to cut... not a mistake actually

I loved it in all ways
Time later, again... it grew a little, but pink wasn´t my colour anymore, still my favourite although, but not for my hair, I tried to go for a silver/ lilac thing and it cost me more bleach than I thought...

This was the result
 But, because of the water (it happens) turn in to this purple/ lilac hair, actually awsome...

lilac hair- L.A. style

And then in to my actual hair style a weird mixture of silver/ lilac/ green/blue hair...

 Finally, I want my hair this colour now... I think I´ll change it this week, so I will show you the result on Instagram or Twitter... and hope you like it.

Also if you want to ask me something about my hair or tell me about anything, new topics, you should do it...

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Cats, Kittens, Kitties... and paws

I don´t know if it´s just me but recently I´ve been seeing lot of kittens on the internet, maybe is what teens wanted to look nowadays or just a hipster thing but I think is brilliant...

Well, you must know how crazy I am about animals, I really am a protector of them and I love them... all kind of... well I don´t like insects at matter of a fact but, actually, who does?

But, wait for it... cats are like my everything... also dogs in fact... the point is that I realized that they are everywhere, in every social media pictures and videos appear and is like a pretty cute invasion.

So, having known this, I´ll leave pictures and a link of my favourite cats.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Why the hell I´m crazy about... Instagram

I decided to write twice a week a little special called "Why the hell I'm crazy about" where I'll show my recent favs or motives for insanity.

Today's turn goes for Instagram... by the way...;)

So, I really don´t know where my obsession begins or how... 

I´m guessing that in my visual nature of keep my attention in those amazing pictures...although, let´s just face it, all that seems so poetic and lovely but I also enjoy Instagram because of the outfits. 

I mean, most of the people I follow are stores and models, youtubers and even fashionists that constantly repeat their most liked pictures.

My dislike about it?.. the infinite comments that came after the picture and start like this:
etc... I mean... it´s kind of infuriating.

 Don´t care what the reason is, looking for DIY or filing outfit´s pictures to look what I´m gonna wear or buy later, even looking what was the dinner at a friend´s house yesterday, we all love Instagram till the point of expend lot of time scanning awesome posts.

Friday, July 11, 2014

My first...

Hey there mates!

My name is Giulietta and I´m from Mexico. English is not my first language and I´m kind of practising so don´t be that hard on me...

 Let me tell you that I have wanted to do this blog for a very long time, but I´m the queen of procrastination and with school and my job and my thesis I couldn´t find the time until now... so, hello again, hope you like it! I´m going to talk a little about myself...

I love chocolate, and films, all kind of music that I could learn and enjoy about it, not just superficial non-singing performers. I also love reading and photography, and writing (actually when I was younger I used to write little fairy tales). I love roller skating, ice skating and I´m learning penny boarding.

And I don´t want to be boring at my first post about my likes, so I am going to show a few pictures that I took before and you can tell me what do you think about it.

 New York, Soho

 Mexico, Guanajuato

Mexico, Puebla