Thursday, September 18, 2014


I´ve been doing my research today... well actually I was just reading an article from ELLE Magazine and then my curiosity starts flying.

The article ( was about what happened to Skylar Neese and how the social media is involve in this case.

I´m not going to deepen on the story, because I think that if you are really interested on you should read the article on ELLE, and also because I think is kind of mean being judgemental, and I don´t want feel like that.

So, mainly, there were 3 best friends, and they knew each other for a very long time, but two of them start hanging out more together and moving the other girl apart. One day the victim went out and never came back and almost a year later her parents were noticed that she was murdered, and that her 2 best friends did it.

When I finished the reading, it was inevitable for me not think about those friendships, and status and social media, how we survive through higschool, because is an actual battle that we need to a front everyday.

A lot of people start smoking just to feel that they fit in, others make fun of people, or drink or get drugs and, that is not the way to prove yourself and even worst, that is not the right way to be part of a group.

I think that, we should start believing in ourselves and stop being what people expect. We are not here to fulfill expectations for anyone, and they should accept us and we should accept them.

Of course there will be diferences, but at least there should be respect and tolerante, and If you want to smoke, is better if it is because you want it and not because you want to be a part of a group, because they are not truly your friends if they don´t accept you just the way you are. 

(BTW I´m not saying that smoking is a good or a bad thing)

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