Monday, August 11, 2014

Teen stories... that drove crazy almost everybody

Recently, (since the 80´s...  not that recent now... I think) young people start having voice and roles on everyday stories, chick flicks, tv series, novels... actors that play the part of teenagers with real issues that help the audience to compare or identify themselves with those stories...

So, this are the most iconics tv series (for me) that have influenced in young society...

Beverly Hills  90210

Beverly Hills 90210
90210... second version... the continuation?
This was one of the most iconic tv series... for teenagers from the 90´s where Jason Priestly, Shannen Doherty, Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling represent the "issues" and "problems" of being handsome or pretty and rich. It was a really big deal that producers even tried to give it a shot to the new generations on 2008, but I think it didn´t got that much attention. I´m not a big fan of it (to much drama) but it´s entertainingand help you to imagine the life you want, talking about houses, money, cars, parties and guys...

Saved by the bell
Saved by the (lot of years) bell
A new whole and different story... just kidding... I mean bunch of friends hanging out at school and outside... two boys in love with the same girl, charm vs. body. Although, not a lot of drama but fun instead. This story really got in to americans´ heart, that much that seems they are going to make another tv movie... there´s a trailer and everything.

Dawson´s Creek
Again, friends hanging out, two guys loving the same girl, friendships ending, friends reunited... sex, gay roles... surviving thru highscool, surviving thru college, surviving thru jobs and love problems. But seriously girls and boys (gals and pals) we love that stuff, because is near of our experiences could be... and they are not talking about rich guys, those are more approachable characters making the same mistakes that we´ve been making since, forever.

Dawson´s Creek

The O.C.
Once again: rich people... millionaires... falling in love... friends... eating disorder... doubtable sexual orientation, a rebel, a cougar... I am feelling like playing Loteria here (Loteria is a mexican game similar to Bingo but instead of numbers are images of well known sociaty aspects or things... like: the drunk, the Sun, the star, the guitar...)

The O.C.
But The O.C. just lasts 4 years on air, seems like when you killed one of the main characters of your program it just start losing sense to the young audience.

Gossip Girl
Now we are talking about something interesting (Preference? where?). The thing is, even when this is one of my favourite show of all times, I must say that the story of it is (again) the same; rich young people, with problems beyond our imagination, eating disorder, fashion, love problems, money, friends, parties, virginity, everybody have sex with everybody (and by that I mean... EVERYBODY). never the less it still is the most amazing story ever where the second characters still the main story from the principal characters.

Gossip (awsome) girl

This british piece of art. Really defines the actual society and problems beyond money and  and superficial stuff bringing to the audience: drug problems, alcohol problems, gay/ lesbian problems and relationships, stalking, mental problems, disfunctional parenting, autismo, inmigration, and also a real friendship like those when you can lean on.  Even though, the second generation is the most attractive for everybody.

Skins (just the second generation)
So this is not a huge criticism neither argumented so you don`t have to take it really serious, is just my way of thinking, hope you like it and whether you like it or not hope hear from you guys.

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