Friday, July 11, 2014

My first...

Hey there mates!

My name is Giulietta and I´m from Mexico. English is not my first language and I´m kind of practising so don´t be that hard on me...

 Let me tell you that I have wanted to do this blog for a very long time, but I´m the queen of procrastination and with school and my job and my thesis I couldn´t find the time until now... so, hello again, hope you like it! I´m going to talk a little about myself...

I love chocolate, and films, all kind of music that I could learn and enjoy about it, not just superficial non-singing performers. I also love reading and photography, and writing (actually when I was younger I used to write little fairy tales). I love roller skating, ice skating and I´m learning penny boarding.

And I don´t want to be boring at my first post about my likes, so I am going to show a few pictures that I took before and you can tell me what do you think about it.

 New York, Soho

 Mexico, Guanajuato

Mexico, Puebla

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