Sunday, February 8, 2015


Michael Cera

I was watching Nick and Norah´s last night and I was thinking how addicted I was to his movies. And everything started with Scott Pilgrim vs. the world, I don´t know why but I loved that movie, actually I know... it was more than the ridiculous but hilarious and original story, and his performance... is just that he is always playing this unattractive, awkward, ironic, funny guy that could charm anybody and he really does it.
I think this Canadian guy is representing this weird generation when we don´t have to have this perfect stereotype to be the main character of the story. Is, basically, more touchable and believable, a bunch of stories that can influence our reality.

In fact, I hadn´t had seen Nick and Norah´s until yesterday and I found it awesome, even the soundtrack is great. Is the acid humour that characterise his style in every movie that he has done.
So I think that´s the reason why he is the addiction of this Sunday. 

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