Monday, February 9, 2015

Valentine´s Day "haters gonna hate"

Oh February!, the month of love. Everybody is with his soul and heart and poor of those who doesn´t have anyone to share a fancy dinner this saturday. Not seriously, no.

As you know this is the most romantic month of the year, o maybe you are one of those who blame on the publicity and the obsession for merchandise everything just after Xmas, that makes us buy everything for our "honey bunnies". But... I mean our  pockets are not even recovering yet!

So, whether you are in a relationship loving the hell out of this romantic month, or your are single and ready to mingle. I prepare for you a "Giulietta hates love... kind of" list of films.

5.- He's Just Not That Into You
This Ken Kwapis´ film that kind of goes along with Valentine´s Day, New Year´s Eve, and even Love Actually type of story that show a bunch of amazing actors in a whole bunch of stories that, at some point, converge in to a main important one. It sure be also a lovestory, but just because the fail in a few couples, the friendzone and the adultery topic, is kind of a down with love example.

4.- Alfie
One of the most important movies on Jude Law´s career, I think, because was the one that colocated him in to a dandy/ sexy guy that can have all the girls that he wants and is a love free story. Sex without feelings until... well You´ve got to watch it.

3.- 500 days of Summer 
Just like what the beginning of the film says, "this is not a lovestory", and is not. Ithink Mark Webb has done an amazing job with the movie, is like a scream of hope for those that hav had their heart broken and cann´t find the reason of it. Zooey Deschanel as incredible as always has a believable chemistry with Joseph Gorden Levitt.

2.- Anna Karenina
A Joe Wright´s movie will always be dramatic and sensitive. And if you have read the book you may know what I´m talking about when I say that it´s the perfect description of it. If haven´t read it, well, what are you waiting for? (just kidding) Without telling you too much I just wanna add how much you fall in love with this desired/ passionate/ lovable story. Keira Knightly have never let us down.

1.- Blue Valentine
This film is directed by Derek Cianfrance and protagonized by Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams. And you may, or may not think what I thought when I was about to watch it, but I thought that, with Ryan Gosling as the father of romanticism on The Notebook, that it was going to be a really lovable story. It has its moments of love but is actually the opposite of what I was expecting. Even with that I think is a dead incredible story and very much realistic.

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