Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Zombie Apocalypse... could happen

The Walking Dead, The last of us, Resident Evil, World War Z, Rec, 28 days later, Dawn of the deads, I am legend... even Warm bodies.

Seems like everybody want us to be prepared for the upcoming Zombie Apocalypse, because that´s the main purpouse of those movies and games, isn´t it? And, actually, is kind of ironic that in every movie, all the characters  are not trained or they don´t even know the basic stuff of a zombie, how to kill them,  how

I am not kidding... or maybe I am, actually, but if that happened we have to be ready and steady.

So, I´ve been thinking about the steps or waht to do when that day arrive.

First things first... Is kind of mandatory, we have to watch at least 2 movies about zombies to know that: You can´t kill walkers by shooting at them, unless is on the head, shooting or hitting, but it has to be on the head, if it´s in other place... man you are wasting energy, time and probably bullets, that won´t work at all.

Now, zombies are really slow, like insanely slow... so, you don´t have to get tired for no reason... easily if you see one of them really far you´ll have time to find a covert and finish a book or something. Seriously, in every single movie people get killed just because when they see a zombie miles away start feeling nervous and run making a lot of noise and they fall and die, at some point.

How could you turn into a Zombie?.. this is, in fact, the essential info you will need. Don´t let them bite you! or even scratch you, for the matter. Run as fast as you can, kill them, but don´t lete them catch you, or you will have to cut your arm o something to stop the process.

Finally a few tips: 
* Don´t be alone... is just not because is sad, is actually for you own safety, you need people ande the right ones, those that can save you if you are in troubles, may be somen with arrows and guns.
* Don´t shoot unless is strictly necessary.
* Keep knives, forks, and pointy things on a safe place, but also near you in case you just wake up and suddenly is the Zombie Apocalypse.
 * Start (and by start I mean right now) looking for coverts and a few ways for you to escape in a zombie situation.

So that is everything for tonight, hope you like it, and wether you like it or not just leave your thoughts or critics for me to grow... peace!

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